some Chinese fonts are overlap in Word 2016, windows 10

I have meet an issue that some Chinese words in my Word 2016 are overlap, while English characters displayed normally, just looked as the following picture. But when I open the same document in another PC, it looked fine.


At first, i thought that was the word 2016's problem, and googled/baidued it, finally found a solution: It said that we can change the font(In my case, it is SimHei, in Chiese 黑体) of those words to another, until they were normal. This method aforementioned could solve the issue temporally. But if we get another document in which some of the words are in 'wrong' font, we should change the font again. In another hand, we may want to use specific fonts as other's request(Conferences or Journals always have templates for their posted papers), and we should not change the font. Clearly, the method aforementioned don't figure the problem fundenmentally.

Let's consider this issue from another perspective. We can change the 'wrong' font to a 'right' one, in other words, we can't set some fonts to the words. Does the OS(windows 10 English version) cause the problem as it doesn't install some specific fonts? I looked through the file path, C:\Windows\Fonts. As expected, the OS doesn't install the SimHei font. We can figure the missing font problem out by the following two methods:

(1) Download the SimHei font from the website, then install it. You can google or baidu the "font name + ttf", such as "SimHei ttf"

(2) Copy from another PC that can open the document normally, then install it.

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