Linux handbook of Kangry

  • Uninstall program

    • list all program you have installed: dpkg --list

    • uninstall the program you want to remove, it is a command to remove both program and config files: sudo apt-get --purge remove <programname>

    • if you do not expect to delete config files, you can use this command: sudo apt-get remove <programname>

  • Change Time Zone

    • First, sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

    • Then, select your location

  • Reboot Linux

    • sudo reboot

    • sudo shutdown -t now

  • Compress or uncompress

    • .tar: tar -xvf FileName.tar (unpackage), tar -cvf FileName.tar DirName (package)

    • .tar.gz and .tgz: tar -zxvf FileName.tar.gz (uncompress), tar -zcvf FileName.tar.gz DirName(compress)

  • Change the password

    • passwd (username)

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